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Dream Chaser - Seiko Velatura SRQ001

This is love....

I fall in love with the Seiko Velatura SRQ001 for quite sometime. It was first introduced in Basel 2008 and made limited to 2000 unit only. I believe all has been officially sold out. Not sure whether you can get any BNIB from anywhere.So the pre owned unit is the best bet, and that is how I get it

The Seiko SRQ001 powered by 8R28 chronograh Seiko's in house unit. The movement come with 34 jewels, column wheel and vertical clutch for the chronograph function that ensure great efficiency and beat at 28,800 hz.. The power reserve stand at respectable 45 hours though I do hope it could last longer. One innovation that would make the swiss peole at awe would be the thin one piece three pointed hammer that allow all three chronograph hands reset instantly. Yuo can wind and hack the movement as well.

Praise from all around the world saying that this watch could beat any good swiss made in any day....My opinion, it is one hell of a movement

I love the overall design. The 45mm case is huge in size, but dont look too monstrous like those by Invicta. It is a good balance of size and design that would make it wearable even for those with tiny wrist. Moreover with my gigantic ......... sigh.....In fact this is the smallest 45mm I ever had.? Weird, well the case though monstrous does not look goes beyond your wrist size (albeit the chunky look) However one thing for sure the case is really thick.

 The basic principle of the watch consist of having a cushion case, with big and non rotating bezel that differentiate the two. Bazel come with element of Carbon Fiber that add class and appearance to the watch.The dial is also made of carbon fiber.

On the case, the blue sub dial is for the second hand, whilst the two red subdial to measure time. The second counter on top of the hand and minute hands will start moving once the push button on the right hand side pushed. What make it unique, to avoid unintentional pressing of the counter, both start and reset pusher are guarded with screw. If you want to use the pusher, screw down the cap until you see the red line. If you want to turn it off, screw up the cap till the red line that stage you wont be able to press the pusher

I am not the big fan of the bracelet. I don't really like the black urethane center panel, but the overall feeling is right.It felt comfortable.I am surprised that they don't use any clasp lock like a diver watch. Perhaps it was never meant for the sport.

The watch come with nice certificate, personally signed by the C.E.O of Seiko.It is hand signed, not printed. I can only imagine the pain that come for signing 2000 certificate...That is hardcore but something I do appreciate.

This watch is like a dream come true, my first automatic chrono and my first true limited edition unit. (Other than my G Risemen)


Previously I wrote about my Seiko Velatura but in general term. The basic of how it looked like and the specification. Mostly internet stuff. After a while, I feel obliged to continue my writing. To share about what do I feel about this watch?

One could ask, with the price tag slapped on it, I could have easily gone with the Ananta series or the Grand Seiko… or, I could get any entry level swiss made…. They way I see it, you choose your watch base on personality….  You understand what you like more than others…if you were to invest on something you like, make sure you like it not for the sake of following the crowd… The Velatura work fine with me. The size, the design and the movement. And I love the fact that most people wouldn’t know how much it would cost, unless you are a true WIS or so happened you just visited a shop selling Vel which rather rare…(so I heard one selling in bukit bintang now)…. Secondly, I don’t pay big money for this…I got it at good price….hahahahha

The Velatura, or Vel (as I always like to give girly name to my collection) is not like any others. It doesn’t have the gorgeous looking of Rolex watches, neither being sexy like Panerai. Instead it is very masculine in style. The complex geometry, attention to details, materials used and the size itself contribute to the macho looking. It is designed to suit male testosterone. However despite the bulky size and look, it feels really comfortable on my wrist. It stand firm and solid on my wrist. Almost majestic.

The case made of solid stainless steel and for sure there is no lazy thought on it. Combination of brushed and polished technique from one angle to another gives dramatic effect to the whole appearance.  The comfortable feeling is direct result of the cushion case. The curvature of the cushion case, allow it to perfectly wrapped my wrist. In typical flat watch you watch would lay flat on your wrist but this one feel that it really wrap you around firmly. I love the fact that even when I make the bracelet a lil bit lose , most of the time the case stay at firm position.(I really don’t like it when my watch is not at the center of my wrist)

If you look at the watch from side view, it is obvious that the bezel and the case are two different part. First base on the design. The case is curved downward whilst the bezel is straight. Thus the line where the two meet is visible. And it look odd. Good odd. Second down to the color. The bezel with its huge size is black in color. In a way it look like a crown on top of a bald head. Like a King…indeed a king it is

The movement
The key strength on the 8R28 movement is the vertical clutch and single three headed hammer..I have heard about the vertical clutch and its properties against the traditional lateral clutch. You can google it to know more about it thus I wish not to elaborate the technicality of it. But from my observation, It really is different. For the traditional lateral clutch, the second counter will jump the first second it tick. Not for the vertical clutch on this 8R28 movement. The second counter that stand on the same pinion of the hour and minute hands move smoothly the moment your press the trigger. No jumping whatsoever. And the movement throughout the whole minute is smooth enough for you to realize that this is some high end shit…. No joke about it. And when you press the reset , at a blink of an eyes, all three hands reset back to zero thanks to the innovative hammer design

On the dial, there is three sub dial. As I mention the red color dial are for hour and minute counter, and the blue color dial is for the normal second hand. I ran an experiment, I start the chronograph function exactly when the second hands reached/passed 60 seconds…I want to know would there be any difference between the second hands rotation and the second counter rotation. I let it run for 6 hours, and throughout the 6 hours, it is exacty the same, second to second, hour to hour…

I have yet to test the accuracy of the watch… I will run a test soon and keep you guys posted…..
As I mention yesterday, the attention to details is great. Simple thing like the certificate personally hand signed by the CEO is a great thing for me. Even the serial number on the certificate is not printed but hand written by the CEO himself. I find it cool. That show how much love and passion poured into development of this model….

I did mention earlier about me not liking the bracelet design. I don’t like the black urethane mid section of the bracelet. I tried this watch with very nice dark brown hand made leather strap and tried it as well with light brown hand made calf leather….both doesn’t look nice on Vel. Especially when I put it on my wrist. In the end , I decided that Vel look nice as is. The design of the bracelet is well thought to suit the case.

Overall, I wont say this a perfect watch. But this one suit me well (It answer almost all my prayer)It is also quite a heavy watch, a trait I would typically fall in love with. Knowing my tendency to flip, I hope this one would stay for long….

Watch Information
Brand, Seller, or Collection NameSeiko
Model numberSRQ001
Part NumberSRQ001
Item ShapeRound
Dial window material typeAnti reflective sapphire
ClaspFold-Over Clasp with Single Push-Button Safety
Case materialStainless steel
Case diameter45 millimeters
Case Thickness15 millimeters
Band MaterialStainless steel
Band length8 inches
Band width25 millimeters
Band ColorSilver
Dial colorBlack
MovementSeiko 8R28 Automatic
Water resistant depth100 Meters

Sunday, December 30, 2012

G-Spot : Orient Mako II #CEM75004B

It has been so long.... it felt like forever.... I have not posted anything on this blog for like a million year. No article of watches, no review on my new collection.... As I said in my previous posting, I have always blame my busy schedule for it... ya ya what ever...

But as once to be a hardcore blogger (seriously I used to have like 6 blogs at a time), I always have the itch to write... moreover now with my uber cool Asus laptop , I really want to blog ...mumbling about things.... and finally today, albeit my super tight schedule, and thanks to my P1 4G wifi, I managed to find time to write a lil bit...hahahahah

So yes, you guess it has to be something new. Yeap, I just bought a new watch....there you go. I spilled it.... Originally , I wanted to get myself either the Seiko Velatura or Citizen NP3010 or the Citizen BJ2120 for myself. I want it for my upcoming birthday. However today, as I am strolling around Mines Shopping Mall I saw this beaut. The Orient Mako II CEM75004B though it is not really my birthday ....hahahha....(scratching my head to justify the purchase)

Actually I saw picture of this model form the net recently. At first glance of the picture I saw, I immediately notice the resemblance between the Orient and Omega P.O. In a way, it is the poor man P.O.

And I used to own one Orient Mako II the black color thus I am very familiar with this watch.A this point, I am interested with it, but that is about it. But when I saw it live ....i know i need to get it....

So yeap, finally this is it....the latest in my small collection....

This watch really a poor man version of P.O. The resemblance is significant.But the design is not the only strength. It has good and robust in house movement, the finishing is great into minute details. On the case, Orient take the trouble to combine polished and brushed finishing that give great drama in term of appearance.

I don't think I have to elaborate further on the movement. The Orient in house Caliber 46943 is a real value for money. I don't know any other watch maker with in house movement that could offer watch of this quality, with in house movement at price they are offering. For sure, it is not decorated, hidden behind the solid screw down case back. Orient claimed that the automatic movement has power reserve of about 40 hours. I have yet to test it out but from my past experience with Black Mako II it could actually goes as far as 50 hours.

Anyhow, too bad my other camera phone broke down a few days a go and I cant snap good picture. The following picture don't do enough justice to it....enjoy the show...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

NKOTB - PAM 389 Luminor Submersible 1950 Antimagnetic 3 Days Automatic Titanio

Cupertino is not the only place launching new hip this week.Yes they launched the lame iPhone5 after all the big hu ha….and now that the dust has settle I am more keen with the preview of the upcoming Panerai. Yes…my favourite subject….

Panerai has just announced the Luminor Submersible 1950 Antimagnetic 3 Days Automatic Titanio …phew what a long name….luckily as usual... call it short PAM 389.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Another attempt....hahahhaha....I am having fun with this

Design Project : H4U Phantom-X Chrono
Movement : Classified
Case Size : 47mm (not including crown)
Thickness : 13.5mm
Case Materials :Titanium
Glass : Sapphire with Double AR Coating
Lume : Super Lume Red / White (Orange)
WR : 100 Meter 
Feature : Chrono
Limited Edition to 100 Units Only....hahahha,.....just for fun..Phantom may refer to:
Ghost, in traditional belief, a physical manifestation of the soul or spirit of a deceased person
Illusion, a distortion of the senses

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Another fun project....hehehe
Design Project : H4U Xnigma
Movement : Classified
Case Size : 48mm (not including crown)
Thickness : 13.5mm
Case Materials : Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, with DLC Treatment
Glass : Sapphire with Double AR Coating
Lume : Super Lume Red
WR : 300 Meter with Helium Valve
Limited Edition to 100 Units Only....hahahha,.....just for fun...not for real
An enigma is a type of riddle generally expressed in radical or allegorical language that requires ingenuity and careful thought for its solution.


Just for fun....hehehhe

Design Project : H4U Integrity X
Movement : Classified
Case Size : 46mm (not including crown)
Thickness : 15mm
Case Materials : Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, with DLC Treatment
Glass : Sapphire with Double AR Coating
Lume : Super Lume Red
WR : 300 Meter
Limited Edition to 100 Units Only
Launching : Hahahahah

Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. Integrity can be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy, in that it regards internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dark Knight Rises - Diesel Batman & Diesel Bane Watches

I have not been blogging for quite a while so today is like powww.....suddenly with multiple entries..., i have so many things to talk about and among others would be this cool Diesel watches.....One is the Dark Knight and the other is the Bane himself......awesome....